Coursing is terrain racing which is not only perfectly testing speed, but also intelligence, persistance, verve and other attributes which are necessery for hunting.

Haika started to run coursing in 2003 when she also obtain licence from Czech Coursing Club.

Her next big victory was in 2003 when she became absolute winner of the year on 1st coursing & agility racings of RR breeders club. In 2004 she became winner of the year on 2nd coursing & agility racings. In this year she became absolute coursing winner of the year as well.

In 2004 has started organise racings Racing hounds Slovakia in Bratislava. At the end of the year Haika became Slovak coursing winner of the year 2004.

On many racings I have chance to see hundred of ridgebacks running coursing. My big admiration will be always belong to African Fata Morgana Dante who is from my point of view the best competitor which I should know.

Slovak Championchip, Bratislava, 29.5.2004

1.African Fata Morgana Dante

2. Haika z Lukovského dvora

3. Balda Turkana

Concetration before racing

Haika, Lady a Balda
Haika, Lady a Balda