Dog Shows

  Haika is one of most successful bitches in Europe. She is interchampion and champion of six countries yet. Her first champion title she won in age of 1 year and 358 days.

Her quality emphasizing chiefly fact that Haika’s honours are from different countries and many judges. Following this I esteem her qualities as objectively tried.

In the some way it was each time very hard to be became winner. I’ll always appreciate for victory on Euro Dog Show in 2003, when Haika won open class. Next big success is title Slovak bitch of the year 2004 with the biggest pointscore in history (more information you can find there).

In this time Haika take care about puppies . We are looking forward to fighting for next celebration of achievements.

4/10/2003 Haika became open class winner on Euro Dog Show in Bratislava. Next day she won Slovak Ridgeback Club Speciality Dog Show. This “double” brings her first title Champion of Slovakia. Haika’s winner series further continue and became set of 7 triumphs in a row in open classes (!), from 7 different judges of 6 different nationalities on dog shows in 4 European countries.

Date   Place Judge Result
19.3.05 CAC Ostrava (CZ) Mgr. Ovesná Božena V2 r.CAC 
18.3.05 CACIB Katowice (PL) Karl Reisinger (A) V1 CAC CACIB BOB 
5.3.05 CACIB Graz (A) Petr Řehánek (CZ) V1 CAC CACIB  
4.12.04 CACIB Wels (A) Ing. Angela Dohnal (A) V3    
13.11.04 CACIB Brussel (B) Jean-Pierre Achtergael (B) V2 r.CAC   
6.11.04 CACIB Poznan (PL) M.W-Wierzchowska (PL) V3    
17.10.04 CACIB Lousanne (CH) Mme M. Persson (CH) V4    
9.10.04 CACIB Budapest (H) Damir Skok (CRO) V1 CAC r.CACIB  
3.10.04 CAC Rybnik (A) M.W-Wierzchowska (PL) V1 CAC   
25.9.04 CACIB Tulln (A) Franz Zimmerman (A) V    
18.9.04 CACIB Maribor (SLO) Štefan Šinko (SLO) V1 CAC CACIB  
12.9.04 CAC Humpolec (CZ) Petra Stracke (D) V2 r.CAC   
11.9.04 CAC Humpolec (CZ) John-Sigve Berg (N) V2 r.CAC   
4.9.04 CACIB Luxembourg (LUX) Milan Jovanovich (SER) V1 CAC CACIB  
29.8.04 CAC Piatrová (SK) Magdalena Musial (PL) V2 r.CAC   
22.8.04 CACIB Bratislava (SK) Grag Ewa (JAR) V    
21.8.04 CACIB Bratislava (SK) Siegfried … V1 CAC   
7.8.04 CAC Burgstedt (D) Lisbeth Mach (CH) V2    
24.7.04 CACIB Kaliningrad (RUS)   V1 CAC CACIB  
17.7.04 CACIB Oberwart (A) Brigitte Hackl (A) V4    
27.6.04 CACIB Krakow (PL) Januš Opara (PL) V3    
26.6.04 CACIB Brno (CZ) Josef Hejda (CZ) V1 CAC CACIB BOB BIG3
13.6.04 CACIB Gibraltar (GIB) Zvi Kupfenberg (IZR) V2    
12.6.04 CACIB Gibraltar (GIB) Milivoje Urosevic (YU) V2 r.CACIB   
11.6.04 CACIB Gibraltar (GIB) Karl Johanson (A) V1 CAC r.CACIB  
4.6.04 CACIB Barcelona (E) Uwe Fischer (D) V    
30.5.04 CACIB Leszno (A) Dorotha Witkowska (PL) V1 CAC CACIB BOB 
29.5.04 CACIB Nitra (SK) Monika Tušanová (SK) V1 CAC CACIB  
23.5.04 CACIB Varazdin (HR) Štefan Štefík (SK) V1 CAC CACIB  
16.5.04 CACIB Saint-Gall (CH) Hans Müller (CH) V3    
15.5.04 CACIB Saint-Gall (CH) Dorotha Witkowska (PL) V1 CAC CACIB  
9.5.04 CAC Banska Bystrica (SK) Erdös László (H) V3    
2.5.04 CAC Pápa (H) Istvan Nagy (H) V2 r.CAC   
1.5.04 CACIB Lodz PL) Milan Bíroš (SK) V2    
24.4.04 CACIB Opole (PL) Dorotha Witkowska (PL) V1 CAC CACIB  
11.4.04 CACIB Miskolc (PL) Simonffy Miklós (H) V1 CAC   
10.4.04 CACIB Miskolc (PL) Sártory Borbála (H) V1 CAC   
3.4.04 CACIB Wieselburg (A) Eduard Stift (A) V2 CAC   
28.3.04 CACIB Berlin (D) U. Ralte (RSA) V1    
27.3.04 CACIB Luxembourg (LUX) Rui OLIVEIRA (P) V3    
20.3.04 CAC Ostrava (CZ) Petr Řehánek V1 CAC NV  
19.3.04 CACIB Katowice (PL) Dorota WITKOWSKA (PL) V2 r.CAC CACIB  
6.3.04 CACIB Graz (A) Adolf Ringer (A) V2 r.CAC   
29.2.04 CACIB Zagreb (HR) Hans Muller (CH) V3    
28.2.04 CACIB Zagreb (HR) Volmos Kardos (H) V3    
8.2.04 CACIB Brno (CZ) Piotr Król (PL) V3    
1.2.04 CACIB Budapest (H) Marko Medar (CRO) V2 r.CAC   
31.1.04 CACIB Budapest (H) Volmos Kardos (H) V1 CAC r.CACIB  
24.1.04 CACIB Trenčín (SK) Matija Slovič (SLO) V2 r.CAC   
12.12.03 CACIB Erba (I) Migliarini Mario (I) V1 CAC CACIB BOB 
5.12.03 CACIB Wells (A) Dr.Otto Schimpf (D) V1 CAC   
26.11.03 CACIB Nitra (SK) Štefan Štefík (SK) V1 CAC   
8.11.03 CACIB Tulln (A) Margit Brenner (A) V1 CAC CACIB BOB 
12.10.03 CACIB Č. Budějovice (CZ) MVDr. František Šimek (CZ) V1 CAC CACIB BOB 
5.10.03 CAC Bratislava (SK) Kupferberg Zvi (ISR) V1 CAC   
4.10.03 CAC Bratislava (SK) Renai della Rena Pierob (I) V1 CAC   
20.9.03 CAC Brno (CZ)   V3    
13.9.03 CAC Praha (CZ)   V2 r.CAC   
5.9.03 CACIB Mladá Boleslav (CZ)   V    
30.8.03 OV Buchlovice (CZ)   V1 OV   
17.8.03 CACIB Bratislava (SK)   V    
16.8.03 CACIB Bratislava (SK)   V2 r.CAC   
26.7.03 CAC Mladá Boleslav (CZ)   V4    
28.6.03 CACIB Brno (CZ)   VD    
11.6.03 CAC Piatrová (SK)   V3    
7.6.03 CACIB Nitra (SK)   V2 r.CAC   
29.5.03 CACIB Dortmund (D)   V    
4.5.03 CAC Banská Bystrica (SK)   V3    
3.5.03 CAC Praha (CZ)   V1 CAC   
19.4.03 OV Mladá Boleslav (CZ)   V1 OV   
22.3.03 CAC Nitra (SK)   V    
8.2.03 CACIB Brno (CZ)   V2    
25.1.03 CACIB Trenčín (SK)   V    
2.11.02 CACIB Nitra (SK)   VD    
12.10.02 CACIB České Budějovice (CZ)   V3    
21.9.02 CAC Brno (CZ)   V3    
1.9.02 CAC Luková (CZ)   V1 CAJC   
11.5.02 CAC Žebětín (CZ)   VN